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Who is the Gyn Guru?

Updated: May 14, 2020

Nope, not an old man in a flowing white robe. Actually I'm a female OBGYN, who's obviously nerdy enough to write a blog, but can hopefully still keep it fun.

During this pandemic, it's become obvious to me just how important the internet has become. It is where most people search for information, both good and bad. I'm hoping TheGynGuru.com can be the place you know you can trust. I won't be selling you useless junk or spewing pseudoscience because trust must be earned and maintained.

The old male doctor from 50 years ago isn't the norm anymore - most OBGYNs look like me now - we're women!

We have periods and use birth control and have babies ourselves. We also get Pap smears and mammograms. We know exactly what it feels like to be up in the stirrups (super fun, make it quick).

I recommend you find a real doctor that you can trust and relate to, and someone you can be honest with. It can improve the quality of your entire life.

Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation on the internet. It's just absolutely ridiculous. I thought it would be great if there could be a reputable site filled with basic, helpful facts that patients could review before the visit with their OBGYN. This will make your visit way more productive.

Also next time you read something that maybe doesn't sound right out there, you can come here to check the facts. I can give it to you straight. (Spoiler-alert... I'm never going to tell you to put garlic in your vagina.) It's heart-breaking when women don't understand how their bodies work, and it's criminal that people take advantage of that. Let's all get smarter to keep us all as healthy and safe as possible. Doesn't that sound great?!

Honestly, most of us wanted to become doctors so we could help people and make a difference. Simple, naive, but true. We cringe when we see women make bad decisions based on misinformation or fear. We're here to help. So, please listen when we talk about dietary and lifestyle changes that can help. We don't make money from writing prescriptions. (Pharmaceutical companies used to pay doctors to do that, but I haven't seen that in over 10 years now. We don't even get pens anymore.) We are in the "business" of keeping you healthy. That's the goal.

And so not sorry, because it needs to be said..​. but you should absolutely be suspicious of anyone who is trying to sell you the cure for the 'disease' that your doctor just doesn't understand. Doctors live their speciality every day. We don't stop learning when we graduate medical school. I keep up with all the latest research in obstetrics and gynecology. If your doctor is skeptical about something, then you should be too. Snake-oil salesmen have been around forever - the internet just makes it easier for them to advertise.

It's hard to shock us and not much we haven't heard or seen. Be yourself. Be honest. We will always respect that.

Now let's talk about some important stuff...

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