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Back pain in pregnancy

So common. You're bound to experience some back pain at some point during pregnancy.

Back pain will usually start up in the middle of the 2nd trimester, when your bump starts to pop.

As the baby grows, it causes your abdomen to stick out, which shifts your center of gravity and puts a strain on your lower back.

Little one at home? Yep, that's usually the problem..

Back pain is way more common when you already have a little one at home that you're picking up and carrying around. So be mindful of that. Use a stroller when you can. Have your partner take your little one up the stairs. Now, I know that it will be impossible for you not to pick up your little one - I'm not saying that. But try to take it easy. Sit down when she just wants to be held. Try to make her walk up the stairs herself. Try to limit the amount of time she's putting strain on your back.

Here's what you can do to prevent it as much as possible:

1. Maintain a healthy weight

  • In the first trimester, you were exhausted and nauseous and maybe not eating so much

  • You should start to get back a little more energy and more of an appetite in the 2nd trimester.

  • Now you can focus on eating healthier and moving more

2. Exercise

  • Start going for a 20-minute walk each day.

  • Exercise can help alleviate back pain

  • Sitting all day makes back pain worse

3. Prenatal yoga

  • Go on youtube and find some free prenatal yoga classes. (I liked the quick 10-minutes ones - better than nothing)

4. Schedule yourself a regular prenatal massage

  • If there's ever a time in your life when you need a good massage, it's when you're pregnant

  • Yes it's safe, and no they can't massage the baby out - if they can, just let me know and I'll send all my term patients there and we won't have to do inductions anymore

5. Try a support band

  • It may take a little pressure off when you're standing up

  • It may help you be more mindful of your posture as well

6. Physical therapy

  • Ask your doctor to see a physical therapist, especially if you're getting sciatica (sharp pain shooting down back of your leg)

  • They can work with you and teach you some great stretches to help with that

7. Chiropractor

  • A good chiropractor can really help as well.

  • She will help re-align the spine and teach you some stretches that can help.

  • Check with your OBGYN first before doing x-rays, taking supplements, or if she recommends any manipulation or tuning of the baby

Now if back pain gets really bad..

  • Tylenol is safe to take in pregnancy. (Use as directed, everything in moderation.)

  • Relax and put a heating pad on your lower back muscles for 20 minutes.

  • Take a warm bath. (You can't be in a hot tub or jacuzzi but a warm bath is fine.)

  • Have your partner rub your lower back.

  • Do some stretches or yoga

When to go to the hospital..

  • If you're vomiting, sick with a fever, or just doubled over in pain and nothing will make it better, then it is something more serious.

  • If you're contracting and bleeding, that's obviously concerning for preterm labor.

  • Basically, if it's much more than just back pain, you should be evaluated in the hospital.

Back pain is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy. Like most things, it will get better after baby comes.

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