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I'm a for-real board-certified OBGYN.  Legit.  I've been doing this for over 15 years now.  I've personally delivered about 2,000 babies, and cared for tens of thousands of women throughout their lives.  I've helped hundreds of women get pregnant, which is my personal favorite part of the job.  I'm in a very busy practice and so I've seen it all over the years... from heartbreaking loss, to life-and-death situations, to the ecstasy of new life.  


I'm a die-hard feminist and passionate about empowering women.  I was just born that way.  It's in my blood.  You can't tell me there's anything a man can do better than a woman.   

I've been married to the only man I could ever have married to for 12 years now.  He's pretty cool.  I have 3 beautiful children, and I like being a mom even more than I thought I would.   Everyday I struggle with finding balance in my life, so I get that.  In fact I joke I can either be a good mom or a good doctor, but never both on the same day .

I started this blog during the Covid-19 pandemic when I got a little  - OK, a lot more - "free time" than I'm used to having.  The pandemic also highlighted for me just how important the internet has become as a source of information both good and bad.  I hope can be a place you can trust.

Female Lawyer

All The Info

The old male OBGYN from 50 years ago isn't the norm anymore - most OBGYNs look like me now - we're women!  We have periods and use birth control and have babies ourselves. We also get pap smears and mammograms. We know exactly what it feels like to be up in the stirrups (super fun, make it quick).


The best advice I can give you is to find a good doctor that you can trust and relate to, and someone you can be honest with. It can improve the quality of your entire life.

My goal with this website is to share the information you need to understand your own beautiful female body so you can make your visits with your own healthcare provider so much better. I spend so much of my patient's valuable time on basic education - or clearing up misinformation - that sometimes it takes away from getting down to the important stuff.


Also, next time you read something that maybe doesn't sound right out there, you can come here to check the facts. I can give it to you straight. (Spoiler-alert... I'm never going to tell you to put garlic in your vagina). It's heart-breaking when women don't understand how their bodies work, and it's criminal that people take advantage of that. Let's all get smarter to keep us all as healthy and safe as possible. Doesn't that sound great?!


Now let's talk about some important stuff...

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